A well that runs deep.

December 28, 2009

Only a handful of days are left until 2009 is over.  What a year it’s been.  One of deep loss and tremendous joy.  To sum it up, I think Something Like Silas put it well in one of their songs: “A well that runs deep within my soul.”  I have never been more thankful for my soul’s anchor — its depth, its constancy, its might.

And though levity and laughter, in good measure, are blessings, they don’t make the sudden moments of grief any less painful.  Grieving for loved ones gone, and grieving for loved ones still here who don’t know Him.  Grieving over sin and the deep destruction it wreaks.  And yet — blessed yet — all this, with hope.  We find sure ground for our feet in His Word.  The lesson isn’t fully learned, but the Rabbi is ever near, loving as Abba and ruling as God Most High.

I don’t know how many times I’ve asked Him this past year, “Is life supposed to be this hard?  Are relationships supposed to be this painful?”  And something of the gospel permeating all of life has been His answer — “Yes.  Broken ones are.  In a fallen world, yes.”  Yes, His answer.  When people choose their own way over God’s way.  When each desires kingship and worship for self.  When people reject God’s design and command.  When people do not know the God of grace.  When people are ruled and enslaved by sin rather than Christ.  When hearts are cold and hard toward the Savior.  When people are still in the process of sanctification. Yes, yes, yes. This is why Christ came.  In Him is hope.  In Jesus who came.  In Jesus who is coming again; this time, as He deserves.  This is the gospel in everyday life.  His ability to save to the uttermost.  His ability to transform hearts and lives and families with the gospel of His grace, the gospel of peace.

We live in the thick of battle.  It’s not supposed to be easy.  It’s not supposed to be painless.  We aren’t promised passage without wound or scar.  And yet, for what would we trade these precious lessons?  For what would we give up the sweetness of fellowship with Him, the sweetness of a deeper knowledge of the suffering Servant and risen Savior?

Forgiveness and mercy abound much more than I ever imagined it could.  My God is near.  He’s so much nearer than I ever imagined He was or could be.  And as each year passes, I find Him nearer still.  I find that this well runs deeper still.  This anchor holds faster still.  This gospel is truer still.  I have more lessons to learn, and lessons to learn yet more fully, but all at the feet of One who loves so well.

The Proverbs 31 woman still far eludes me, but while I’m remembering my God, I think I can at least smile with her at the future.  Such a great God.  The lines have fallen in pleasant places and will continue to do so.  My cup is full overflows.


2 Responses to “A well that runs deep.”

  1. Cassie Says:

    Preach it, Letitia.

  2. letitia Says:

    it, it, it.

    is that what you meant? ;]

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