2010, in part.

January 2, 2010

Sharing only the more lighthearted ones here :]

In no particular order, some things I want to do, or at least start, in 2010:

  • Learn Hebrew
  • Finish a writing project
  • Run the Rock n Roll in October?  Or something different this time?
  • Cook more creatively with “whatever’s in the house”
  • Audit biblical counseling classes
  • Sight-read rhythm more quickly
  • Learn Bm on the guitar
  • Backpack with the “little” cousins
  • Teach them to boogieboard
  • Teach my mom to use the internet well enough to set up her own Facebook account by year’s end :]
  • Play softball at least once (it’s been 3.5 years …)
  • Read more from the Puritans
  • Read more from Charles Dickens
  • Read the rest of Elizabeth Prentiss’s writings
  • Spend time more creatively with people (i.e., with less money, without less fun or meaning)

He’s good to give us such things to enjoy coram Deo.  Including the more lighthearted things with the weightier ones.

Oh, and any of these would be all the more enriched with good company!  :]


11 Responses to “2010, in part.”

  1. Cassie Says:

    Why is Bm so hard on the guitar??? ARGH!
    Chris will give you good company with the Hebrew learning, but I probably won’t be with you on the softball thing…you know me and, well, moving around. =D
    Where would we audit biblical counseling classes?

  2. Kau Says:

    wow…ambitious, aren’t we? I can only imagine the non lighthearted ones

  3. letitia Says:

    cass, that may be due to our — um — nubbier phalanges ;] hehe, but still! we’ll get it! and i can’t wait for prof. chris to lay down the hebrew and give us quizzes! bc classes would be in la for a week during the summer :] join me?

    kau, it’ll definitely be a good year of falling short and falling on grace, haha.

  4. hi tia! i’ve heard much of you from j.cho 🙂 thank you for your encouraging words – praise God for He is the ultimate creative Creator! And do you run marathons?? That is one of my [very lofty] goals for 2010!

  5. eek actually i realized i read your blog name incorrectly…if this isn’t tia, apologies! haha *sheepish*

  6. letitia Says:

    haha, this IS tia (tia’s the last three letters of my full name … pronounced leh-ti-sha, or leh-tee-sha, or whatever). i only run HALF marathons (a very big difference, haha) … run one in the bay area! 😀 i’ll run it with you!

  7. whew!! thanks goodness i was correct 😀 i’ve actually done only one race, also a half, but that was 2 years ago! i have a ways to go, but it’d be fun to run one w/someone 🙂

  8. tia Says:

    me, too! only one, just this past october! :] let’s seriously run one together! and get janice to run with us ;] hehe

  9. dennarr Says:

    quite a list Letitia! בהצלחה


    BTW, I cheat and play Bm this way:



  10. letitia Says:

    haha, dennis, hebrew lessons start tomorrow morning with pastor/professor chris! it’s not too late to join … we only have the alphabet so far :] and i will try out that Bm!

  11. tia Says:


    5 months later, i’m trying that Bm. (finally picked up my guitar, haha)

    but um. i don’t know how to read that.

    i learned chords by looking at pictures on the internet … i will have to ask you to show it to me in person :]

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