January 10, 2010

Will Christ accept anything at your hands should you withhold from Him your hearts?  Had you thousands of rams, and ten thousand rivers of oil to offer Him; had you all the treasures of the earth at your disposal, and should you lay it down all at His feet, it would be all slighted and disregarded by Him if you give away your hearts … A subordinate love you may have to people and things in the world — but let no person or thing have your chief love, only Christ.

(Thomas Vincent)


2 Responses to “Chief.”

  1. natekwak Says:

    oomph. this one hit me in the gut. what a profitable quote tia

  2. letitia Says:

    nate, you should get his book, the true christian’s love to the unseen christ. the whole book is an “oomph.” oh those puritans.

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