Soldier and daughter.

January 25, 2010

With the kingdom in her heart, she
fights the good fight,
endures hardship as a good soldier, and
endeavors to please her Captain in all things.

With the gospel reality within, she
grasps a sword in one hand,
a trowel in the other, struggling
to make reality the kingdom seen with faith’s eyes.

She is a woman deeply acquainted with His Word.
On it, she meditates. In it, she delights.
Of it, she becomes.

By nature, she is weak and unfit; but
by grace is she called and clothed
to valiantly bear arms for battle — not in the manner of men,
but in the manner of a woman.

When her soul gives way in battle, when
the Enemy caws all about her in triumph,
she reaches under her armor and feels
for her royal garments.

Her Captain will not forsake her, nor
allow for her to be tallied among the casualty;
she has long studied His ways and knows:
daughters are never thus abandoned.


4 Responses to “Soldier and daughter.”

  1. steph shin Says:

    print and frame ā¤ …..

  2. Naslen Ramil Says:

    MS. HAN! Ahaha. This is so random that I found your website. So weird? Haha. Don’t think of me as silly. But I googled “Jesus and Naslen” and your website came up! How are you!? Oh and if you’re wondering why I googled that. Jesus Tostado is my boyfriend. Haha I don’t know if you remember him. But yeah! Email me back! I’ve been wanting to email you because I miss you! But no one has your email! Suckers! Haha. Oh and on graduation, I’m pretty sure you took a picture of me and my wonderful boyfriend. Haha sadly him and I only took two pictures on graduation. One from you and another gay one. Haha.

    Ps. My email is:

  3. letitia Says:

    i lovelove steph.

    and naslen!!! šŸ˜€ check your email.

  4. commanding, i love it.

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