Worldly rambles.

February 15, 2010

I didn’t realize it until this year, but I love maps.

At home, I have a map on my wall, a map on my door, and a map on my desk.  I put up a map on the wall that faces me at work, too.  None of these were intentionally planned.  I didn’t think to myself, “Gee, I love maps.  I will put them up everywhere.”  Observation followed action.

They’re my favorite things to daydream over.  “What would it be like to live here?”  “What are the people like in this country?”  “How many people know Jesus in that country?”  “Do they have a Bible in that part of the world?”

I guess maps afford me the opportunity to “look at” a country without a Visa, passport, or government permission.  I love Google Earth for that reason, too.

My favorite emails are the ones that come from missionary friends all over the world, some in sensitive areas, others in unrestricted areas.  When I read their accounts, for a split second, I forget I’m sitting in front of a computer in California and I’m “there” with them.

One friend is in a sensitive area, and because she’s a woman, she has special access to certain areas where men are culturally prohibited.  As she shares her conversations and experiences with these people in a city without a single Bible owner or Jesus follower (save herself and those with her), something in me just yearns to be there.  To the point where I’ll have dreams about being there for a few days after reading her accounts.  And each time I wake up from those dreams, I’ll roll over onto my stomach and pray, “God, send me there!  Please send me there.”

Who will tell them?  Who will tell them about the Savior?  Who will lay down their life for them?

We’re not the saviors.  But we are called to be the ambassadors.


2 Responses to “Worldly rambles.”

  1. courtneychow Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing…i have notice how i’ve slowly been losing sight of God’s plan for the world…

    life has been all about me. :/

  2. Tia Says:

    lovelove for courtcourt. see you fridayyyyyyyyy!!!!

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