Walking in obedience.

May 12, 2010

Her: Abba, why is Your Word but a lamp unto my feet?  Why not stadium lights?

Her Father: What need have you of the distant scene?

Her: Well, obedience might be easier if I could see everything ahead of me all at once.

Her Father: Child, if you’ve truly a heart to obey Me, you need only know the next step.

Her: But it doesn’t hurt to know what’s after that, too, does it?

Her Father: Child, what sort of Father would I be if I overwhelmed you with visions of every distant scene without the training and increased grace that comes with walking with Me in time?  With what weapons could you battle against those distant phantoms if I revealed them to you before their time?

Her: Couldn’t I just imagine it?

Her Father: Obedience happens in action, not in imagination, child.


Her: Abba, I changed my mind.  Perhaps a lamp is better than stadium lights after all.


9 Responses to “Walking in obedience.”

  1. Stephen Rodgers Says:

    I like that. Imaginary obedience isn’t true obedience. That’s worth a post-it note on the bathroom mirror for all of us.

  2. I enjoyed this a lot. Very encouraging .

  3. keziahkim Says:

    mm..perhaps ❤

  4. […] Tia Han has an excellent thought on walking in obedience. […]

  5. tia Says:

    come to think of it, this whole theme reminds me of something j.i. packer might have said near the intro to “knowing God” … i think he was quoting c.s. lewis? something about how we sometimes imagine ourselves more holy? more spiritual? more (something) than we really are …

  6. David Says:

    Rarely do I pass by your blog without being blessed! Words of faith & experience from a fresh perspective.

  7. tia Says:

    david, i’m glad :] hope you’re doing well, brother!

  8. Dillon Says:

    from the end The Four Loves as an apology:
    “And with this, where a better book would begin, mine must end… those like myself whose imagination far exceeds their obedience are subject to a just penalty; we easily imagine conditions far higher than any we have reached. If we describe what we have imagined we may make others, and make ourselves, believe that we have really been there.”
    -but yes, conversations with Abba (at least mine) would fall under a similar apology 🙂

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