The last few days.

May 16, 2010

Lived the last few days in mountains green with sequoias and within sight of proud, stony mountains patched up with snow in the distance.  Was greeted every morning by the chattering and “getting ready for the day” of birds and squirrels.  Heard the endless boastings of a rushing creek.  Lived within walking distance of said creek that sometimes matured into a river and then relapsed into a creek.  Explored and climbed and hiked … and froze feet and hands trying to forge tricky parts of the river.  Played with Cowboy, the faithful watch dog.  Chased after him with a friend and, while running, remembered how thin mountain air can be.  Laughed as he plopped exhausted into a mud puddle.  Enjoyed being a woman with other women — domestic indoors, adventurous outdoors, and happy both-doors.  Shared stories by a crackling fire by night.  Celebrated a dear friend’s last couple months as a single woman.

How full even the littlest things can be when their fullness is Christ.


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