To love as He does …

May 27, 2010

This younger brother, then, is asking his father to tear his life apart.  And the father does so, for the love of his son.  Most of Jesus’s listeners would have never seen a Middle Eastern patriarch respond like this.  The father patiently endures a tremendous loss of honor as well as the pain of rejected love.  Ordinarily when our love is rejected we get angry, retaliate, and do what we can to diminish our affection for the rejecting person, so we won’t hurt so much.  But this father maintains his affection for his son and bears the agony.

(Tim Keller, The Prodigal God, p. 20)

How much agony?  The Cross tells us how much.

We’re called to maintain affection and bear the agony, too, as the lost are found and as the found learn sonship.  We’re called to love as He loved us.

God help us.  And God help those who must love and bear with us in the same way.


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