A new season.

June 21, 2010

Today’s the first day of summer.  It’s a new season.

The past three weeks have seen all sorts of weather.  Rain, shine, cloud, haze.  Some nights, it was hot enough to sleep without covers.  Some days, it was so cold and windy I had to bring out the winter fleece again.  Spring and Summer kind of dueled it out, didn’t they?  Summer tried to come too early, and the intrusion left Spring feeling somewhat tossled.  Bystanders felt minor shifts in the weather, but who knows what other transitional storms raged beyond human perception?

But today, the weather is mild and quiet.  Summer quietly speaks of warmth, and Spring is silent in the wings.  She’s surrendered after all.

No doubt, as the hymn says, this is my Father’s world. All is well.  And I rest me in the thought.


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