(Airport: respite in between.)

July 10, 2010

I’m beginning to associate airports with respite.  I’m at the airport, watching planes take off and land and leisurely (sleepily) finishing some reading.  Once I step off the plane in my arrival city, I’m pretty sure life will resume its usual fast pace; but for now, I’m enjoying some much-needed rest.  Not the sleep kind of rest, though that’d be nice, too, but the awake kind of rest.  Stillness.

In the next couple days, I need to finish 2.5 books for biblical counseling classes that start on Monday.  A snippet from the book I’m currently reading in prep for classes:

The power of a lie is not intrinsic in its inherent credibility but in its attractiveness.  The pivotal moral issue is not whether people will believe the lie but whether they will obey it.  The father of lies learned in the Garden that a lie of almost infinite implausibility (“in the day yet eat … yet shall be as gods,” Gen. 3:5) will seduce if it is sufficiently tantalizing (“good for food … pleasant to the eyes … to be desired to make one wise,” v. 6).  In short, a lie is powerful not because it is deceptive but because it is delicious.

To make the same point from a different perspective, a lie is effective only because of our selfish disposition, because as fallen creatures we are so bent on pandering to our own desires that we will render ourselves so spiritually foolish as to obey a lie we would never consciously affirm.  But that selfish predisposition is in every case destructive.  When people determine to abandon what they know to be the truth in order to embrace a beguiling lie, they forsake God’s mercy.

(John MacArthur and the Master’s College Faculty, Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically, pp. 58-59)

It’s just a week of classes, but I may take the rest of the year (if not the rest of my life) to process the material … until I intake another week of classes next summer.  Deo volente.


2 Responses to “(Airport: respite in between.)”

  1. Cesar Says:

    That book is gold. It’ll forever be a reference in my library. Good seeing you today, auntie!

  2. tia Says:

    haha, auntie?! si soy “auntie,” eres “ensalada” … and i finally got to meet andrea :]]

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