Like a neverending story.

August 1, 2010

Alisa, the littlest cousin, asked me today how God speaks to us.  “We talk to God by praying, but how does He talk to us?” she wanted to know.

“Well, He speaks to us through a lot of different ways, but the main way He speaks to us is through the Bible.”

When she asked how that was possible, I tried to explain how Scripture is living and active; and while talking, I kept praying that she’d understand the truth through all my garble.

Her brow slightly furrowed as she thought about it.

Then her face lit up.  “So, the Bible is like a neverending story?”

Flying white dogs and evil hand-shaped castles immediately came to mind.  “What do you mean?”

“Like, even if I read it a hundred times, it’ll still be new every time?  And God will still be speaking to me?”

Ah, such a sweet moment.  I smiled.  “You got it.”

She tilted her head to think some more.  “Okay, I think I understand.”  Then she nodded more firmly.  “Yea, I think I get it.”  And she quietly looked over at the Bible, with wide eyes.


5 Responses to “Like a neverending story.”

  1. Ramsin Says:

    Alisa is the one that I may steal away, correct? Ok, thanks! =)

  2. tia Says:

    sorry pal, cheese mine.

  3. keziahkim Says:

    what a sweet moment =] made me teary.

  4. tia Says:

    me, too, kesh :]]

  5. jennifer lee Says:

    <3. from the mouth of babes.

    (She got so big!)
    (oh, and i updated)

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