Good and acceptable and perfect.

September 1, 2010

Came home after work, lied face-down on my bed, and started telling Cindy how pell-mell my emotions had been all day.  (Actually, I think I explained it something more along the lines of “cranky pants.”)  When I flipped onto my back and looked up, I saw this rainbow on the ceiling.  The sunlight had caught one of the cd backs on my desk.  Cindy saw it, too, and gave voice to what I was thinking: “Don’t forget His promises.”

God only wise.

His good and acceptable and perfect will be done.


5 Responses to “Good and acceptable and perfect.”

  1. cindy Says:

    yep…He will not flood the earth! our room…maybe.

    i love you!

  2. Ji Young Says:

    Oh Tia…this short and sweet entry really encouraged and humbled me…I, too, forget his promises much too often. God is so good…

  3. stephanie Says:

    ❤ this made me tear up a little bit at work. can't wait to see you tonight & give you a huge hug.

  4. tia Says:

    cindy: better not flood in our room. or i’m going to stack your bed with pairs of all our socks. two by two, clean and unclean, just like noah’s animals. haha ❤

    ji young: He is … ❤

    stephs: can't waiiiiiittttttt ❤

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