September 16, 2010

(Portuguese for thank you.)

Today seemed like a good day to write another thank You post.  He’s kind, in every season.

Note: Forgive me if I write a bit obscurely at times, as I try to convey gratitude for lessons without exposing situations and people.  And forgive me if I sometimes write obscurely just to convey themes without conveying my own heart.  I admit, it’s hard to reveal fresh wounds while they still … fresh.  :]

Thank You for:

1. Snow in the winter.

In many ways, it’s an image of redemption.  Barren shame is covered, both gently and in merciful torrents, with soft sheets of white.  Glimpses of His ways.  Now hidden, the fallow ground is healed, renewed.  Then in due time, the shroud melts, and new life is found.  Is given.

2. The ministry of presence.

It’s hard learning that His silence isn’t His absence, that His imperceptibility isn’t His inactivity.  But He uses the faithful ministry of His saints, particularly in the quiet and loving ministry of presence, to help me see truth’s form before tracing its reality to my heart: that He is present in pain.  That He is near.  That He cares.

Thank You for the tangible and sensible when faith’s eyes are weak and dim.

3. Hope.

There is a decisive difference between hoping in God and hoping in how I “hope” He will work in a given situation.  One is transcendent, unchanging, sure; the other is situational, shadow-like, volatile.  Maybe better put, one is a “solid rock” and the other is “sinking ground.”  My hope is as sure as its object Person.

4. Truth that is higher.

Thankful that brokenness does not mean His promises, too, are broken.

5. “Bom dia.”

Unexpected blessings that teach me to accept good from Him, fragility and all.  Blessings that teach me to accept both the bitter and the sweet that come from His hand … even when they confuse me and come simultaneously.  The sweet does not sweeten the bitter, but neither should the bitter embitter the sweet.  God is God of both.  Thankful.


2 Responses to “Obrigado.”

  1. David Says:

    Isaiah 43:1/2 & 50:10

    Darkness, waters, rivers, fires … not prevented, all purposed; trust commanded, Presence promised

    May the Lord heal (Ex 15:26)

    Thank you for the blessing of wise pain-born words

  2. tia Says:

    Presence promised. :]

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