Brown paper packages tied up with …

September 25, 2010

A package came in the mail today. For Tia.  From Uncle Jim. Judging by the size, the priority mailing sticker, and the sudden ache in my little sweet tooth, it had to be …


Bags and bags.  Chocolate walnut.  Raisin cranberry oatmeal.

And only one bag of cookies emptied, but already a very full cookie jar.

An even fuller heart.

Written on the back of a Subway napkin: Baked with “a smiley-face heart.”

Of course, can’t forget that ingredient.

He always sends me enough to share with family and friends.  In a box.  Priority mail.

The package is never quite brown.  Nor is it tied up with string.  But it’s definitely one of my favorite things.  As is the sender.

I love Uncle Jim.  I’m one blessed niece.


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