Testimony at 26.

October 4, 2010

She built her house on the sand.
They warned it wouldn’t stand,
But she tied her ears in a knot,
For hers was a heart that fought.

Then the winds sounded their knell,
The rains struck pell-mell;
The floods rose to slay,
And washed that little house away.

Anon she built on the Rock,
Heeding now the Word’s knock-knock.
“Will it — can it — stand?” she wondered,
As the skies freshly thundered.

She fled for cover in a tremble,
Fearing the house ‘ould crumble.
It seeped: here, here, and there,
But the Rock the storm could never pare.

Of ages.


3 Responses to “Testimony at 26.”

  1. saltyletters Says:

    Bob Gass has written something nice as well about sandcastles, you can google-it-up by The Vine / sandcastles.

    Thanks again for sharing your words.

  2. David Says:

    From my friend Jeff’s blog – today!

    Best to read whole thing (about King Asa & II Chron 14:11); but one paragraph says :-
    …… Has God determined to relocate your faith from your head to your heart? Faith must reside in both places. Objective truth begins to transform us first through our minds as we agree to it. If it only remains there it can run the risk of becoming lettered theology or doctrinal theory – eventual dust with no delight. It has to drop and expand. Trust must permeate us and there is no possibility of that occurring apart from God orchestrating circumstances that allow for that trust to be tested. As trouble often serves this purpose for God, we begin to decrease in our own power. Sometimes we tremble. Often we fear. O how comfortable was the theology of the mind! And how challenging is the trusting in trials. Yet how will we ever know the awesomeness of Almighty God if He does not compel us to walk on the waves? For ten years King Asa knew only quiet and rest in his kingdom. He did great things during those years of ease. Yet the Lord determined that he needed more in his experience with the God of Israel. ….

  3. tia Says:

    thanks, sl!

    david, how timely. i’m going to have to read that whole post. gracias!

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