More rainbows.

October 15, 2010

Rainbows are taking over my life.  Rainbows on the ceiling, in the Bible, and now — on my feet.

My flip-flops broke on the way to class yesterday.  Quite the feat considering they were my third pair to break in two months.  Hit a crack in the sidewalk and snap!, the middle strap gave out.

In other words, flip then flop.

Then began the debate.  Go to my classes with no shoes?  Buy another pair and come back? Flip-flops among business-attire-clad classmates is certainly one thing, but no shoes at all is another.  So Vanity answered for me: Go buy another pair. And I listened to her him it me.

Walked straight back to my car.  Drove to the nearest mall.  Avoided smiles and stares toward my bare feet in the mall.  Glared at all the $9.99 flip-flops (not really) and bought Rainbows.

Promises of no flooding … and no bare feet. :]


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