Does your gospel reach that low?

November 9, 2010

Pray for John Gardner [convicted murderer, rapist]. Though he may cast light on Judas now, we have no dominical word telling us that he is without hope. Perhaps, unlike Judas, he will come to know God’s forgiving grace.

And let us remember that we need that same grace not one atom less than John Gardner III.

Is your Gospel that big? Does it reach that low?

You and I had better hope so.

(Dan Philips, Reflections on the Gospel, Repentance, and Two Wrecked Souls)


2 Responses to “Does your gospel reach that low?”

  1. bom amigo Says:

    I am that man, and I would need to pray for him as I would for my very soul..

  2. tia Says:


    me, too, amigo.

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