March 3, 2011

I hope half a year of hanging out with someone smarter, funnier, and godlier than me rubbed off at least a little bit.

… I’d say “better looking,” too, but too many of you have sensitive gag reflexes.  :]

Thankful.  Truly.


15 Responses to “Seis.”

  1. roommate Says:

    aww. thanks, tia! i’m thankful for you, too. 😉

  2. tia Says:

    NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA

  3. roommate Says:


  4. tia Says:

    you mean BOOO-YAH

  5. roommate Says:

    stop yelling at me…

  6. tia Says:

    i’m laughing so hard right now … no more, no more.

  7. dictionator Says:

    i bet you guys were right next to each other when this happened

    and tia, i’m thankful for you too.

  8. tia Says:

    hahaha … i give up.

  9. keziahkim Says:

    i confess that i once had a sensitive gag reflex. but i understand now. teehee =] and to many more “seis’s” to come! so happy for you!

  10. Veronica Says:

    no sensitive gag reflex here! just giggled like an insane person though

  11. stephyu Says:

    hahahaha ditto my sister!!

  12. Stephen Rodgers Says:

    Congrats Cindy!

  13. tia Says:

    funny friends ❤

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