My pops.

April 7, 2011

Today, he fed me all the stinkiest known Korean foods before I went to school: fermented soybean soup, salted mackerel, and pickled radish and garlic (hopefully two pieces of gum disguised all o’ that, though I have my doubts).  He “dreamed” my post-graduation dreams with me over dinner.  Gave some practical tips in giving feet to those dreams.  Gave me a big hug.  Sent me off to school with full tummy and full heart.  And with another reminder to “trust God.”

I guess some things don’t change with age.  Looking over that description, I could have written it at any stage of my life.

So blessed.


4 Responses to “My pops.”

  1. Cassie Tenny Says:

    This makes me miss my daddy! You are very blessed. Although I will still cling to the words my grandpa the fisherman repeated many times, “You don’t eat mackerel…it’s bait.”
    But, to each her own. 😉

  2. tia Says:

    cassie, i miss your daddy, too! and our grandpas should’ve met. my grandpa was a fisherman, too, and i think he might’ve said something like, “if it moves, eat it.” hahaha 😀 ❤

  3. bom amigo Says:

    Korean foods sound even stinkier when translated into English.

  4. tia Says:

    yummy stinky food …

    … but not blue cheese. blech. :]

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