The worst that could happen.

April 15, 2011

Her Father: What is the matter, child?

Her: Oh Abba, I’m so afraid.

Her Father: Afraid of what, child?

Her: Afraid the worst could happen.

Her Father: And what is that?

Her: That — well — oh — I can’t say it!  But You know all things, Abba.  You know my thoughts.  Surely, You know.

Her Father: Yes, child.  I know.

But your fear is misplaced.  That fear isn’t the worst that could happen.

Her, eyes widening: No?  What could possibly be worse?

Her Father: Dear child, you could disobey Me.

You could fail to trust Me.


One Response to “The worst that could happen.”

  1. tia Says:

    (Special thanks to Jenn for sharing this principle with me, from her biblical counseling professor.)

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