One month-ish countdown.

May 10, 2011

In about a month (one month and one day, to be precise), I’m done with grad school.  Can’t believe it.  I dug my heels in for almost 4 years, not wanting to listen to my dad’s counsel to get an MBA.  That first half year in the program was rough.  As evening classes, homework, group meetings, and the mental Olympics of learning business jargon took over so much of my life, with every hateful complaint in my heart I felt like I was turning into a monster.  So, so bitter.

But the past three years have been humbling.  Many times, especially the first year, I felt like I was “stuck” — hating my lot yet unable to escape it.  But God made the choices clear to me: I could continue in bitterness or I could learn cheerful submission.  I could deem man sovereign and question his motives and plans continually, or I could trust the sovereign hand of God through His human instruments.  I could reckon business studies as irrelevant to God and the gospel, or I could learn to see that the gospel was relevant to everything in my life.  That God’s reign and redemption could never be hedged.

Three years in a master’s program.  What has that accomplished?  Hopefully at least a few things in my brain (shrug) and friendships (smile).  But the master’s degree is wasted unless I’ve also received the Master’s degree — lessons on His character, lessons in fleshing out the gospel.  I know, sounds super cheesy, but I mean it.  Those three years are a sheer waste if all I’ve set myself up to do is climb the corporate ladder, make money, and wear a funny-looking hood for a few hours with other funny-looking hooded people.

Thankfully, my God’s not a wasting God.  And I trust He will bless the labor and glorify His name.

With that said … WAHOO!!!  ONLY A MONTH LEFT!!!  Haha.

P.S. My dad has been gracious and never said, “I told you so!” as I grew to appreciate what I was learning.  But about a year ago, I told him he could have his “I told you so!” moment.  So he did.  With a huge smile.  And I took a picture.  But because I love him, I won’t put it up here.  ;]


4 Responses to “One month-ish countdown.”

  1. Cassie Tenny Says:

    This is why you are one of my favorite people ever. Four years of you doing this had me shaking my head in wonder at how you could keep at it. But Look at you!! All un-bitter, full of knowledge and peace!! I couldn’t be more proud of a sister! God will only continue to do more amazing things through you, blessing you where you are most anxious or lost. Because that’s where he works best!! Love you, and can’t wait to see you (or photos of you) in your funny hood!

  2. Kau Says:

    you forgot to mention how fun finance and accounting classes are. Almost there!

  3. Annie Says:

    🙂 ❤

  4. tia Says:

    cass, i don’t think i’ll ever grow tired of saying how much i love ya … and telling everyone else about it, too. hehe!

    kevin, i actually enjoyed the second finance class 😀 relatively … haha. keep shinin’ the light there!

    annieee! much <3!!!

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