Never wanted to be a princess ’til now …

June 9, 2011

Haha.  No, not really.

But now that school is done (final project done! graduation tomorrow!) and our apartment is pretty much all moved (thank you to everyone who helped!), I feel like I need a day when I’m allowed to act like this.  Just 24 hours or so.  ‘Til it’s all outta my system. Then 48 hours of sleep to follow would be nice.  :]


4 Responses to “Never wanted to be a princess ’til now …”

  1. jenhasegawa Says:

    that picture is so you. hahaha

  2. AJ Lee Says:

    Omgoodness! You finished B SCHOOL!??! CONGRATS!!!! :). woo hoo! Hope you are well Tia Han. It has been too long. See you in nor cal???

  3. tia Says:

    jen, heyyy … you’d be one of the gals right next to me in a picture like that, haha.

    aj, thanks!! and you finished grad school, too! wooot! let’s celebrate :] see you fosho!

    • val Says:

      Hi Tia!

      Wow, so weird. I was doing a google search on mary love’s letter to her husband and got to your blog. As I was reading the other entries, I realized that this sounded a lot like you! And when I looked at the comments, I found out that it is you! Thanks for always being an encouragement Tia! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

      Val Lee 🙂

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