June 28, 2011

This morning, after peeking outside, I concluded it must be a shorts and light sweater kind of day.  Several hours later, I’m shivering with a hot cup of chai as it pours outside.  No umbrella, no jacket, no closed shoes.

Oops.  Should’ve checked the forecast rather than base my day’s plans on a moment’s gauge.

But I’m enjoying the rain, too.  Midday, the sky was pretty indecisive.  Sunny?  Cloudy?  Warm?  Muggy?  Cool?  But there’s no doubt now, and it’s raining a very decisive, satisfying rain.

Was it the best decision?  Hard to say.  And neither sky nor I could judge such wisdom by the number of those pleased with the choice.  Unhappy commuters, happy coffee shop inhabitants (hello).  But the sky seems satisfied enough.

Maybe because it is enough that it submits to its Maker.


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