“The mere thought of God …”

July 19, 2011

A gem from today’s Theo. I lecture, an excerpt from Maurice Roberts’ The Thought of God:

“The art of good thinking is to carry thought to its logical conclusion.  Sir Isaac Newton is said to have claimed no more for his profound theories than that he took the lines of his thought farther than other men did and so perceived the hidden ‘laws’ which he formulated. That is a lesson which Christians can learn from.  The mere thought of God should end all anxiety.  Then why in my case does it not?  Because I fail to carry thought to its proper conclusion …

“It must follow from what has been said that the degree of a Christian’s peace of mind depends upon his spiritual ability to interpose the thought of God between himself and his anxiety.  When the dark cloud of trouble first looms up on the horizon of our thought, then it is time to apply our theology in downright earnest.  For it is not outward circumstances that can drag us down, but our own reaction of despair to them, when we fail to perceive the hidden hand of God in all events.”

The mere thought of God should end all anxiety.  If it doesn’t, the disparity between my formal theology (what I profess to believe) and my functional theology (what I practice, and therefore what I must really believe) must be greater than I imagined, or the “thought of God” that comes to my mind in those critical moments must not really accord with who God reveals Himself to be in Scripture.  Or both.

In my childhood, when “crises” arose, many times it was enough to know that my dad knew about them.  And that (as I thought) he could figure anything out, had millions in the bank, knew everything there was to know in the world, and could spank any mean kid in our church (haha).  When I thought of my dad, all fear and anxiety really melted away.  So the question that arises now is: How much more should all fear and anxiety melt at the mere thought of my perfect heavenly Father?

… God help us know accurately and believe fully who You say You are in Scripture.  Until traces of our trust and rest in You are evident everywhere in our practice.


2 Responses to ““The mere thought of God …””

  1. Cassie Tenny Says:

    Ah, that darn functional theology strikes again! =D
    I’m finding the mere thought of God to be comforting these days, but it does not drive out ALL anxiety. Wouldn’t it be nice for our formal theology to truly match our functional theology? I long for that day…I think it will come when I’m in heaven, though. 😉 Until then, I strive on…

  2. tia Says:

    striving with ya, cass :] ❤

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