Soon and very soon.

September 1, 2011

Heard this song for the first time today.  I wanted to cry (maybe as a God-given way of washing away the build-up of worldly cares?) and rejoice at the same time.

Soon and very soon, I will see Him.  That truth makes all the things of Today bearable.  Light.  Fleeting.

Soon and very soon,
my King is coming.
Robed in righteousness
and crowned with love.
When I see Him, I
shall be made like Him.
Soon and very soon.

Soon and very soon,
I’ll be going
to the place He has prepared for me.
There, my sin erased,
my shame forgotten.
Soon and very soon.

I will be with the One I love.
With unveiled face I’ll see.
There, my soul will be satisfied.
Soon and very soon.

Soon and very soon,
see the procession,
the angels, and the elders
’round the throne.
At His feet, I’ll lay my crown, my worship.
Soon and very soon.

Though I have not seen Him,
my heart knows Him well:
Jesus Christ, the Lamb,
the Lord of Heaven.

Soon and very soon.

(Brooke Fraser, 2009)


2 Responses to “Soon and very soon.”

  1. Cassie Tenny Says:

    Ah, don’t you love Brooke? She is truly gifted.
    Soon and very soon we will see the face of our Savior. What a thought!!

  2. tia Says:



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