27 things.

October 5, 2011

Delirious thoughts before sleep:

1. I’m 27 today (or yesterday, depending on when I finish this post).

2. Why do I still feel like I’m 17 sometimes?  And act like I’m 7? Haha.

3. But truly, I’m grateful for the passing of time.

4. It marks another year full of costly but well-worth-it lessons learned.

5. Another year of believing more deeply that God is who He says He is.

6. And this year was … significant.

7. I fell in love.

8. Actually, it was more like I cautiously tiptoed in love.  Afraid.  Skeptical.  Afraid.  Afraid. Then by God’s grace, trusting.  Trusting.  Still trusting.

9. My fiance’s handsome.

10. He loves Jesus.

11. Which is the stuff handsome is made of.

12. Okay, I’m going to stop writing about him.

13. This sentence is not about JohnE.

14. I wrote my first children’s story this year.

16. Illustrations for it are almost all done!

17. Speaking of done, grad school?  Done, did, done.

18. Wedding planning?  Not done diddle do.

19. The gospel is sweeter at 27 than it was at 26.  Or 25.  Or 15.  Or 5.  Or 0.

20. I watched God work redemption this year even when all seemed lost.

21. All is never lost.  “God is the Ruler yet.”

22. I’m pressing that truth like a gauze to my bleeding family, bleeding heart.

23.  Jesus bled for sinners.  Salvation belongs to Him.

24. So many changes to come this next year.

25. Except one.

26. Jesus.

27. Gonna rest in that one — good night. :]


5 Responses to “27 things.”

  1. dtahn Says:

    wow… i loved this post

  2. tia Says:

    HI DAVID! 😀 God is good …

    :]]] JenbaJuice.

  3. keziahkim Says:

    i love you, tia. you encourage me SO much =]

  4. tia Says:

    lot of love here for you, kesh ❤ glad to be navigating a similar season with you :]

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