November 15, 2011

With my mom at my bridal shower this past Saturday.  I kept stealing glances at her throughout the shower.  She was laughing and smiling so much.  I think I could’ve just watched her the whole time.  Her willingness to enter so fully into her daughter’s joys despite everything broke my heart with gratitude.  Surely this is His kindness.

She also told everyone about how I shaved half my eyebrows off when I first tried shaving/plucking my eyebrows in junior high.  And how I’d sneak on make-up at school and wipe it off before coming home.  And how she’d catch me with the remnants on my face.  Yup.  That’s m’mom.  Keepin’ it real. ;]


4 Responses to “M’mom.”

  1. Cassie Tenny Says:

    It was totally great to see her there and watch her having fun. ❤

  2. moonchoi Says:

    ❤ Love the pictures, Tia. Your momma is beautiful. 🙂

    (Any pictures of the half-shaved eyebrows? Haha.)

  3. tia Says:

    haha, i’m sure i have photos somewhere. but why photos when i can just show you what it might’ve looked like in person? all i need is a pink disposable razor … ;]

  4. tiff Says:

    too sweet… post those pictures, tia!!

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