In sickness and in health. :]

April 3, 2012

Our little home has already become an infirmary for two.  I caught a nasty cold about a week ago, and JohnE came home today with a stomach ailment.

After a humble dinner of jook for JohnE and leftovers for me, JohnE started hiccuping.  Not small popping hiccups.  Loud, startling ones.  I laughed at nearly every hiccup.  They were so loud, almost violent.

And then I started coughing.  It hurt my chest to cough, so I tried to hold them in, making low wailing sounds instead.

We were a sad, funny orchestra.  Hiccup.  Wail.  Laughter.  Cough.  Hiccup.  More laughter.

Who but God could administer the mercies of humor in sickness? :]


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