Dirty mangers.

June 4, 2012

Abba, sometimes I miss Your answers to prayer, because I’m looking for answers served on silver platters.  I’m looking in the mailbox for a sealed envelope with a clear address label instead of in the junk drawer.  I’m looking away toward the airy skies rather than here at the muddy ground.

But Your answers to prayers for redemption look messy sometimes, don’t they?  They look like loss?  Like a mis-answer?

And yet — and yet — if Your greatest Answer came in a dirty manger, should I be surprised if your other answers come in dirty mangers?


3 Responses to “Dirty mangers.”

  1. moonchoi Says:

    Tia, thanks so much for this.

  2. tiff Says:

    i’ve never thought of it that way before.. thanks, tia 🙂

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