One of my favorite places.

September 7, 2012

Once a day — or at least every other day — my senses pull me to this rose garden near our home.  (Which is shorthand for saying I love the sights, scents, and sounds of this place and can’t stay away for too long. :])  Just a few minutes’ walk, and there it is.  Steps dipping into a garden that’s been almost carved into the side of the hill.  A sea of roses lovingly labeled, distinguishing one from the next.  A fountain cascading between parallel stairs.  A pool trying very hard to be a pond with a lily pad here and there.  Twisting paths and lanes and roads.  Squirrels who chase each other around trees.  Tall redwoods.  Never quite ripe blackberries.  And stillness.  Not a dead silence but kind of living, friendly stillness — if you get what I mean.

In the mornings, a cool mist hangs over the garden.  That’s probably my favorite time to go, before the day’s rush sets in.  A good rival is at evening twilight, walking with JE, or meandering off within sight as he runs up and down the stairs.

I haven’t brought my journal here yet.  I’m not sure if I will.  There’s something about the hush and beauty of this place that renders me silent, even in thought.  Not always of course, but more than any other place at the moment.  The beauty of His creation really does something to soothe my soul.  Death is not foreign to this garden, but along with the withering things are the sprouting, blossoming, growing things.  And while I can only see what’s above ground level, there’s a whole invisible world underneath and within that sustains what’s visible.  It’s good to remember that — for so many reasons.  The Gardener isn’t done with His work.  What’s dead isn’t always dead, what’s alive isn’t always alive.  But all are in good hands.  Under-gardeners helping, too.

This place is a hiding place of sorts.  But I rarely come here to hide, if ever.  I guess I love coming here because the beauty and soft thrum of growth — imperceptible to the eye — afford me a “heart at leisure from itself” and a heart at leisure from other “noise.”  It’s a sweet balm, this place, and my thoughts are just strung along … chirp to chatter, tree to blossom, steps to sky.  From nature to her nurturing Creator.

This is my Father’s world.  I rest me in the thought.


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