5 blessings.

November 21, 2012

5. This Thanksgiving is already so different from last year.  Last year, in an effort to hold together a cracking family, I offered to host Thanksgiving dinner.  Not everyone showed up.  I was really heartbroken.  This year, “family” means something new along with the old.  JE is now my first family, his family is my family, and my family is his.  And my family (I believe) is being healed in deep places.  It hasn’t manifested yet, but I see evidences of grace, traces of answers to many many sobbed out prayers over the past years.  Redemption isn’t always instantaneous in the way I want, but I can trust Him.  Something better than my plans are unfolding.

4. Friendships have changed a little this year.  Friends have married, some have had kids, and I’ve married.  Changing seasons means some changes in friendships, too.  The once abundance of time and availability and face to face time has become more scarce.  Earlier this year, that left me a little lonely.  But I’ve found many of my friendships have matured as a result.  There’s more giving, less demanding.  And the personal reminder that love isn’t conditional.  Even when my friends are busy (rightfully) or forget about me in times of change and during times when more demands are put upon their time and priorities, I can still love them and keep my heart open in loyal friendship  — never making the basis of our friendship their actions (or even the fickleness of my own heart) but Christ’s faithfulness.

3. We love our new church family at Gateway Bible Church.  I’m so, so, so thankful for this church family that has loved and welcomed us at the beginning of our marriage.  There’s so much I can say about individuals and even groups of people here … or even about our excitement about the church’s heart and vision … but that may deserve its own post later. :]

2. I love JE.  Remember those fears that riddled me before our wedding and even in the first few months?  They’re melting away, and instead are replaced with more affection for him.  I’m thankful he never directs me to his own merits but rather Christ’s when I’m afraid (and there’s a lot I’m afraid of, we’re both finding out — even our marriage aside, there’s plenty to feed my fears it seems).  And while decorating our home for Christmas this past week, I realized how bossy I can be about trivial things, like where to hang the snowflakes.  (I know, get a life, right?  Haha.)  But he overlooks my many sins where love can overlook them, and gently corrects me when I need a blindside or perspective check.  I’m looking forward to seeing him hold our little one for the first time next May. :]

1. I’ve still been chugging through reading the Bible in chronological order (it’s been forever, haha).  Last night, I read about how “we have something more sure, the prophetic word, to which you will do well to pay attention as to a lamp shining in a dark place” (2 Peter 1:19).  And I was reminded that God’s word is sure, and it is a lamp shining in a dark place.  Makes sense — if God is sure and is light, then of course His word would be, too.  But I was reminded of the treasure His word really is.  He was and is kind to give it.  We can anchor our all on His word, on His promises.  We can look to it as a lamp shining in the shade, especially when life is at its darkest.  And even when life seems bright, our God and His word are brighter still.  Incomparably so.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends near and far! ♥


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