5 weeks & 1 day: Big Picture.

June 19, 2013

I need to extend the gospel to my son.  I can’t just love on him when he’s calm and cute … and then not love on him when he’s crying … and still cute (haha).  They say around this time for the next few weeks (or more?) is baby’s fussiest time and then it tapers out.  He’s definitely fussier and crying a lot more than when he was weeks younger, but he’s also becoming more alert.  More smiley.  Noticing the world better around him.  It’s an exciting stage, too, though it comes with his many tears … and a new soundtrack to my life, though not constant thankfully. :]

And was encouraged by this post, Mothers Make Ministers, that another mama shared yesterday on a forum I’m part of.  Two excerpts below:

Consecrate your children, not to make fortunes, but to make disciples. Then even if they’re never ordained as ministers, they will be promoters of Christ in whatever sphere of life they are occupied …

And the greatness of Christian parenting does not come from the sense of personal satisfaction in your child’s maturation nor even the priceless delights – like spontaneous hugs and unsolicited “Daddy, I wuv you” from your daughter (one of my personal favorites). Rather, our greatest reward as Christian parents lay in the possibility that we may actually be raising a fervent promoter of Jesus’s Kingdom.

Big picture, big picture, big picture … though the little picture as of now gets cuter to me on a daily basis.  :]


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