Beautifully appointed rain.

June 24, 2013

It’s raining today in Oakland.  A brightly overcast day with drizzles here and there.  It’s refreshing.  Ian is also napping peacefully right now.  Okay, just checked the video monitor, and he’s starting to stir a little. :]  He’s 6 weeks old tomorrow, and just a handful of thoughts:

1. I’m not in control.

2. I’m not in control.

3. I’m not in control.

4. That’s a very, very good thing.

5. God is in control.


But the rain reminds me of this today.  In becoming parents, JE and I have become farmers, in a sense.  We are sowing, tilling, laboring in the Ian field for God’s glory.  We have no control over the weather, the condition of the soil (other than our efforts on it), pests, or other factors.  But we’re called to faithfully labor.  And then trust God with the outcome.

For his soul, definitely.  But even in his physical care.  Eating.  Sleeping.  Even in the littlest littlest things.

He sends the rain and sun in their appointed time.  The weather and all these are no mystery to him.  They are all beautifully appointed.  Baby sleep and hunger and cries and coos are no mystery to him either.  They are all beautifully appointed.  Soul work, too.

Okay, baby’s awake now.  Bye! :]


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