Happy birthday, Oppah!

September 19, 2013

Happy birthday, Oppah!  To the favoritest biggest onliest brother there ever was!

I always knew I loved you quite a lot much many big … but this past year, I learned it was also the kind of love where I really wanted to hurt those who hurt you and dole out evil to those who meant evil toward you. Really, it’s one thing to learn to love my enemies but it’s another thing to learn to love yours.  I never knew how deeply I could hurt because of evil directed toward you.  My brother.  My first friend.  My childhood advisor in all things social and fashion (haha) and how-all-things-mechanical-work (I still don’t get it).

But look!  It’s your birthday!  We made it!  Or at least, we’re making it.  We haven’t arrived yet, but we’re getting there.  By His grace. :]

And I pray He would place you right beside Himself, where the road only becomes brighter and brighter because of His nearness.  His friendship.  His joy.  His perfect will.  Not protection from evil in a temporal sense, and not necessarily the immediate unfolding of good coming from evil … but better, in an ultimate sense.  In eternity.  For eternity.

I love you!


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