Day 1: List 20 random facts about yourself.

February 8, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge

Dear Ian,

20 random things about your umma in no particular order:

1. I was born in the morning.  After the sun already came up.  I still like to get up after the sun comes up.  Unfortunately, you do not. <~ Oops, forgot this was supposed to be about me, not you ;]

2. I was a daddy’s girl growing up.  But not in the princess sort of way.  Your grandpa wasn’t the type to raise princesses.  He did much better with tomboys.

3. I was a tomboy.  I wonder if that was inevitable?  Your uncle Jonathan was my playmate.  He taught me well.

4. I can put Tabasco on almost everything.  I learned that from Grandma.

5. In fact, when my temper runs hot or I’m incredibly stressed out, there’s nothing I like to eat better than spicy, spicy pickled jalapenos with rice.  It takes some of the fire out of my chest.  I learned that from Grandma, too. (P.S. Don’t get the wrong impression, I learned lots more from your grandma, but this is fresh on my mind as we laugh about how similar we are in tastes.  And in more than food!)

6. Reading an old book is like revisiting with an old friend for me.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve read through the Anne of Green Gables and Lord of the Rings series.

7. When I read good fiction, I become absolutely engrossed.  So much so that when someone talks to me while I’m reading, I don’t hear them.  Really.

8. The first time I had to learn to make friends was my first year in high school.  We moved and suddenly I was the “new girl.”  This had never happened to me before.  But instead of stepping up to the challenge, I took my Anne books to school and read them during lunch for a few weeks.  It wasn’t until my 5th period teacher noticed me reading outside the door during lunch and talked to me out of pity that I realized I needed to find a friend.  Fast.

9. A little rewind.  I never enjoyed writing until junior high when your grandpa bought me a journal from Berean Christian Stores.  He told me to write letters to people in there instead of gossiping with my friends.

10. That same year, my life flipped turned upside down.  Things happened in our family and church.  The friends I grew up with were no longer my friends.  I had no friend but that journal.  And I told it everything.

11. That’s why much of my writing is still pensive, emotional.  There are happy writers, technical writers, other kinds of writers … but I write mostly from my wounds.  I wonder, think, and pray through writing.  And then I tell myself what is true in writing.

12. You just cried awake right now.  It’s 9:40 pm.  You almost never do that.  But you cried suddenly and hard for some time.  So I went in.  Initially, you cried hard even as I held you, but as you settled down, you snuggled your head right under my throat.  I love those snuggles.

13. Did I mention I love those snuggles from you?

14. I die for those snuggles.

15. Am I cheating?  Another random fact: I’m not good at coming up with random facts.  This is why all of this is starting to sound more like a story with commercial breaks rather than random facts.

16. God has used a number of things in my life to keep me close to Him, but by far the most effect instrument has been the pain in my life.  Mostly through family.  Because I love them so.  And family is always made up of broken people who need Jesus.  That’s okay.  And that’s a good thing.

17. I am much of who I am today because of the family God put me in.  And His refining and blessing through them.

18. On to lighter things.  I like autumn, coconuts, dark chocolate covered almonds, yellow spray roses, freesias, trees, hiking, string instruments (piano, cello, violin — though I only play piano), corny jokes, and your appa.  He’s handsome and heartsome, no?

19. I love your appa.  He is the far better half to your umma.  I thank God you have a daddy like him.  And me, a husband like him.

20. I love God.  Your umma is absolutely nothing apart from Him.


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