Day 4: List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.

February 11, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

Dear Ian,

10 things umma would tell her 16 year old self:

1. Your mom is right: you’ll understand when you’re a mother.

2. Oh, and she’s right about the sunblock, too.  And your taste in clothes. ;]

3. Sign off of AIM.  Better yet, delete it from your computer.

4. Boys?  Don’t bother.  You won’t meet him ’til 2010.  Just kidding.  I don’t think I’d tell this to my 16 year old self.  I’d lose out on much sanctification (humanly speaking of course).  How about this instead: God is a God worth waiting on.  And when you’re in college, a lot of you girls will get it into your head that God will reward you with a husband if you are faithful enough, pure enough, or have become godly and mature enough.  A husband is not a reward.  A husband is a gift.  Just as singleness is.

5. In your search for identity, don’t be so eager to find yourself when Christ calls you to lose yourself.  “Not who am I?  But Whose am I?” (Elisabeth Elliot)  Start there.

6. “For every one look at myself, I must take ten looks at Jesus.” (Ed Welch)

8. Plan for your life as a woman in seasons.  School, singleness, career, then perhaps marriage, motherhood, other dreams.  These don’t happen all at once.  Don’t spend all your younger life thinking about and preparing for only one thing (read: career).  Trade-offs exist in every season.  There is a God-given task for each season.  And joy.

9. Ask an older, godly woman to spend time with you.  Read the Bible with her, pray with her, ask her a lot of questions, and see how she lives her life before God.  She will have more wisdom and keepsake counsel for you than your peers.  But if you won’t listen to me, fine.  You’ll meet this person in college.  Her name is Jinny.

10. That thing you “have to” have?  Rubbish.  Really.  Jesus is better.


7. Expect to lose your ability to count to 10 at the end of a long day when you become a mother.  Hehe.


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