Day 6: If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?

February 13, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

Ian, I’m going to be frivolous in my answers to this one.  I don’t think other questions will give me the opp to be as frivolous as this one.

1. I wish I never had to spend another penny on skin care!  Your dad has the kind of skin where he can wash it with bar soap, no moisturizer and it feels as soft and supple as your little cheeks do right now!  My skin on the other hand eats a special face cleanser, moisturizer/coconut oil, sunblock, bb cream, and abcdefg.  Appa‘s skin wins.

2. I wish I had the money to fund all of your grandpa’s inventions and design ideas, send your grandma on a luxurious vacation with her best friends and plenty of spending money, and help your uncle jumpstart his own business and pay for all his boat’s maintenance and upgrade needs for the rest of his life!

3. I wish someone would pay me to travel the world, interview missionaries and teachers and people making a difference!, live among them and work with them for a bit, and write their stories.  This would have to be after you (and your siblings, God willing) are older.  Appa would be the photographer!  And surely some of these people must exist in Patagonia?  Alaska?  New Zealand?  Afghanistan?  Morocco?

Okay, I think I got most of the frivolity out of my system just by talking about it. :]


2 Responses to “Day 6: If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?”

  1. mkkwon Says:

    The #3 reminded me of what Desiring God does from time to time, when they post articles about various ministries and missionaries overseas.

    • tia Says:

      That’s true! I wonder if the people go to the field to collect the stories or if people on the field just send them in via email/etc. Either way, really neat :]

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