Day 7: What is your dream job, and why?

February 14, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

My dream job?  Easy.  Working for these two guys:


Ian, loving and caring for you and appa is my dream come true job.  Really.

Before I met appa, I remember praying about a husband and not even knowing what to pray for anymore.  In college, I thought I knew.  After college, I thought I knew.  And then the years passed by.  And I didn’t know anymore!  What kind of guy could I love and follow for the rest of my life?  What kind of guy could love me and bear with my quirks and particular sins and baggage?  I didn’t know!  Maybe no one.  So I started asking God to provide as He knew best.

When I met your appa, as time went on, I slowly started to think, “This kind of guy.  Wow — God, You knew what I needed and wanted even better than I did.”  Marriage isn’t perpetual sunshine — we are so wretched in and of ourselves — but a marriage whose bedrock is the gospel?  The sun will never fail to rise, even after the darkest night.  I know this in principle and we’ve been tested on this point as much as man and wife can be in two years’ time, but I know and pray it will continue to be true of us.  This is my job and my joy.  ‘Til death do us part.

And as for you.  Let me give you a snapshot.  We went to Peet’s today.  I ordered a chai, and you got a coffee lid from the condiments area.  We sat on the bench outside.  You people-watched, smiled at the grandpas who doted on you, talked to your coffee lid, climbed all over me, chewed on the lid and then offered it to me by shoving it in my mouth, squealed at the sky, and gave me high-fives.  Is it always this sweet and easy?  No way.  But I wouldn’t trade even the hardest moments for the ease of any other job.  I know the hard moments will only get harder.  I know my heart will break at times, explode at others (sorry in advance, kiddo).  But God made me your umma.  No one else.  And I embrace it with all my heart.


Love love love.


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