Day 8: Tell me about the places you have lived.

February 15, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

I wrote a long post just now about the different homes I lived in and the memories associated with each of them, but it was too personal, haha.  It said too much about those I love, too.  It’s very hard sharing my story when the yarn that makes my story mine is the same that makes their story theirs.  It isn’t completely mine to share.  Gnaw I mean?  So what to write to you, Ian?

I lived in the South Bay Area, La Jolla, San Diego, and the East Bay Area.  Each place has its own story, its own Pandora’s box of memories.  So I’ll just tell you about my favorite “spot” in each place I’ve lived:

1. South Bay Area

My favorite place there is my hiding place, a bench facing the lake near my high school home.  I named this blog after that hiding place, because I used to journal and think and pray there.  Appa proposed to me there, too. :]

2. La Jolla

This is a hard one.  It’s a toss up between the Cliffs (walking distance from the dorms at UCSD, overlooking parts of downtown La Jolla and the beach) and Mt. Soledad (near downtown La Jolla, with a huge white cross and memorial on top).  My friends and I used to walk to the Cliffs to watch meteor showers, we had jam sessions there, and I watched many a sunset from there.  Mt. Soledad was a place I went to feel small.  It overlooked the city, and each person and building and automobile was no larger than an ant from there.  It felt good to feel small, to remember how big God is.

3. San Diego

Jinny’s home.  I spent a lot of time there between flocks (regional Bible study for church) and just … spending time with her.  I kept her up late many nights, talking, asking questions, sharing, praying.  Now that I have a small kiddo, I appreciate the time she spent with me a hundredfold.  She had three small kiddos!  What was I thinking?  I definitely wasn’t thinking and had no clue how tired she was or how precious sleep must have been to her.  Love her.

4. East Bay Area

My favorite place is wherever you and appa are!  But if not there, then the Rose Garden near our old home.  Your first home.  Appa and my first home as Mr. & Mrs. Kim.

Ian, where will place 5 be?  I’m excited to see where God leads our family. :]


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