Day 9: List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

February 16, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

After reading today’s prompt, I wanted to put it off ’til tomorrow.  Or skip this one.  Because it’s so long!  It requires so much thinking!  But a challenge is a challenge.  So here goes!

Since the prompt is worded in the past tense, I’ll mostly write about these people in the past tense, too.  And I’ll focus more on the positive influences. ;]

1. My dad. He was always very vulnerable with us about his sins and weaknesses.  He openly repented before us in prayer when his sin was either against us or in front of us.  His faith wasn’t perfect but it was real.  He simultaneously encouraged me to be a tomboy and a lady.  Go after things, get involved, try everything at least once … but please, do it like a lady.  I learned how a person could roll and tumble and play with the kids, but also talk to them about serious matters.  He was both the goofiest and most serious person in our home.

2. My mom. I don’t know anyone more hospitable than my mom.  Anyone was welcome to her home.  And once you stepped into her home, you became family.  Our childhood home was never empty.  My brother and I always wondered who would be over for dinner.  All the kids wanted to sleep over at our house on weekends.  She embraced motherhood and excellence in homemaking.  She was extremely sacrificial.  I hope you see the fruit of her influence in your life, Ian.

3. My brother. My brother didn’t always fit the mold.  He was bright, curious, and street smart.  He took risks.  He wanted a challenge.  But he was also affectionate and fiercely loyal.  So how did he influence me?  Two ways.  First, he was definitely the big brother, so I was definitely the little sister.  In a good, good way.  He took care of me, gave me the best of his share, and protected me.  He taught me to appreciate chivalry.  Didn’t we fight though?  Of course!  Haha.  Second, he gave me an appreciation for people who are unconventional, because he’s unconventional.  And I love it.

4. My aunts and uncles.  I’ve really been blessed with loving and involved aunts and uncles.  Uncle Jim, Aunt Connie, Uncle Young, Uncle Chris, Wehsoomoh, Uncle Peter, Imo some of my friends and even your appa initially found it interesting? strange? unusual? that I would chat on the phone with my aunts and uncles, catch up with them, hang out with them.  But they loved uncle Jonathan and me first.  They spent a lot of time with us when we were growing up.  They were our second dads and moms.  And we’ve always had second homes to run to when our first home became difficult — as first homes usually do at some point.  Ian, I hope you have second homes where you are loved, too.  And I hope our home becomes the second home for many others.

5. Pastor Pat Boyd. Pastor Pat was my youth pastor.  From him I learned how to boogieboard, surf, skateboard, and pour out time and energy into life on life ministry.  His ministry was a persistent one.  Moving, leaving for college, not seeing him for years … it didn’t matter.  He wrote.  He called.  He was there when you needed him.  He didn’t just tell us about God.  He spent incredible amounts of time with us, played with us, found ways to tease us out of our shell, and exhorted us to own our faith.  I still see his influence in the way I relate with people in ministry.  And in the way I tease people.  I’m sure all the other youth kids could say the same!

6. Charisse. I didn’t spend as much time with Charisse, but she was a camp counselor one year when we went to Hume Lake.  I think it was my second year of high school, and there was a missionary speaker at camp that year.  One day the missionary announced there would be a special meeting during the recreation time for those interested in overseas missions.  She came up to me later and said, in her searching, earnest way, “I can see you doing missions.  You should go to that meeting.”  Give up my recreation time at camp to go to a meeting about missions?  But I went.  Her words had an impact on me.  And to this day, one of my greatest passions and desires is to fulfill that calling.  However God may lead.

7. Elisabeth Elliot. I think I read everything she’s ever written, including all of her old radio transcripts.  Before I had an older, believing woman to learn from in person, I was learning from Bet.

8. Jinny. I wrote about her in my previous posts.  She really poured into my life during the latter half of college.  And we still keep in touch, I still seek her counsel.  I look up to the way she loves God, her husband, her children, and her church family.  She’s faithful behind the scenes.  She frees her husband up for ministry.  She opens her home for ministry.  I’m not those things yet, Ian.  But I want to be.

9. Your appa. Can I even begin to count the ways your appa has influenced me?  In every way!  And I’m sure his influence will only have deepened by the time you can read this.  He’s influenced me in small ways (like our silly sense of humor that smacks more of appa than me!) but in more significant ways, too.  Your appa is the more thoughtful, careful, patient half of umma.  After a couple years of marriage, I think I’m a teeny bit less hasty?  A teeny bit less reckless?  :]  And in a mysterious way, appa‘s manliness has made me more feminine.

10. You! Since you were born, my ambitions have slowly changed.  My understanding of God and His gospel love has deepened a little.  My mama bear instinct has emerged.  You’ve changed my world from top to bottom, little dude.  And you’ve changed me.  By God’s grace, for the better.

More on this in a post to come.


I quickly scanned this post before going to bed, and I realized I had two #4s!  So I deleted one.  This confirms my inability to count anymore.


2 Responses to “Day 9: List 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.”

  1. Candy Says:

    I have been eating up your posts during this 30 day challenge. Love them. Thank you for sharing pieces of your heart!

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