Day 12: Describe a typical day in your current life.

February 19, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

Ian, we currently have no such thing as a “typical day.”  Two weeks ago, I said goodbye to my job of two years.  After you were born, I was so grateful they let me work part-time from home, but as you started to nap less and need more interaction (which was fun!) and supervision (mobile baby!), it became harder to wear so many different hats in one day.  Appa came home to a crazy, messy home and a crazy, messy wife.  And a stressed out one.  So we decided I would quit and take some time to reassess priorities and figure out what I wanted to do — if anything else — secondary to you, appa, and our home.

So we’re in that in-between stage right now.  Where I’m caring for you and appa and our home, able to host others in our home again, attend our church’s mom group again, researching researching researching my different options (it’s been really fun actually), reading about writing, researching researching researching, trying to think and trying not to think about your 1st birthday in a few months (sniffle), and playing with you!  And snuggling with you!  And learning who you are.  That’s been fun.

Here’s a general template of our day though:

  • 5:30 am? Ian the Alarm Clock goes off.  You sit up in your crib and start calling.  Ah.  Ah-ah.  Ahh?
  • You play for a bit or lie down again and suck your thumb.  So I stay in my warm bed and snooze a little bit more.
  • 5:45/6 am. Ian the Alarm Clock goes off again.  You’re starting to sound a little less patient now.  I go in and nurse you.
  • You play or do your mad-crawl to our room to see appa while I make your breakfast (oatmeal and fruit) and appa‘s (he likes toast with pb&j).  I bring yours to your room on a tray because downstairs is still cold (can you please remember that I did breakfast room service for you? hehe), and appa‘s is made to-go.
  • When I get upstairs, you either have toys in your mouth or are following appa around with squeals (you love him!).  I put you in the bumbo (you barely fit that thing now) and feed you breakfast.  Appa comes in to see you eat and give us kisses.
  • I clean you off, change your diaper, get you ready for the day.  You play.  When appa leaves, we kiss him goodbye at the door.
  • 7:30ish.  Nap time!  For the both of us.
  • The middle chunk of the day is really different every day.  You can fill this blank in with the things I wrote at the intro, me feeding you/playing with you/putting you down for another nap, us seeing people, us going somewhere (walking), things getting done at home, or you climbing me, burying your face into me, following me around, or hugging me (you’re in a super cuddly, keep-me-close-umma stage).  Appa usually calls during his lunchtime, around 1-1:30 pm.  And umma and appa are texting throughout the day.  :]
  • 4:00 pm. We go for a walk in the neighborhood.  Or rather, I go for a walk and I wear you joey-style in the baby carrier.  You just dropped your third nap, so this time of day is still a semi-cranky, tired time for you.  You do best when we are out and looking around.  You love it when I let you touch things that we see.  Tree.  Chain-link fence.  Leaves.  Posts.  Textures and shapes and colors.  Since you’re tired, you’ll rest your head on me, too.
  • 5:00 pm. Dinner time!  I usually feed you on our front porch.  Our neighbor always walks her dogs around this time, so sometime during dinner, two happy friendly pups come up to sniff you.  And then the neighbor has to pull on the leash so that one of the pups, Oscar, doesn’t give you a wet lick to the face.
  • 5:20ish.  Depending on the day, this is bath time or clean time.  We started brushing your two bottom teeth and gums a couple weeks ago?  You always enjoy it.  Maybe because you’re teething.  Then we read a book or look outside your window as people or cars go by.
  • 5:45ish.  Into your pj’s you go.  I nurse you and then put you down by 6ish.  (I’ve been trying to push your morning wake time back as well as your bedtime since the time change in November!  But between holiday travels, teething, crawling, and dropping naps, it’s been slow progress.  At least you don’t wake up at 4:45/5 am anymore!)
  • Then I make dinner and do more research or reading.  Or I’ll call a friend.  Or something.  Something.  (My brain is shutting down right now.  It’s after 10 pm, and appa already went up to get ready for bed.)
  • Appa comes home around 7 or 8 pm depending on the day.  Sometimes his commute is longer if he has to take the BART or if there’s severe traffic.  We eat dinner and chat.  Something.  Something.
  • Evening.  Something.  Depends on the day or something.
  • 10:30/11ish. Zzzzzzzzz.  Good night.

Good night!


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