Day 13: What’s the hardest part of growing up?

February 20, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

*Edit* I had to do a little revision this morning.  Writing when my brain is calling for sleep is not a good idea, hehe.  Editor-in-Appa said my post sound like a mad ramble. ;]

This is a hard question.  Whatever comes to my mind, I keep thinking there must be something harder.  But the best answer I can think of right now is that it’s hard to maintain a childlike faith in an “adult” world.

Ian, right now you spend the most time with umma.  So whenever I introduce you to anything new — a new environment, a new food, a new person, etc. — you seem unsure at first.  But you keep looking to me.  You trust me.  So you adjust to the new environment, keeping me near, constantly looking to me to make sure everything will be okay.  You try the new food, watching my face.  You may cry with a new person, but if I am at ease with them or tell you it’s okay, you adjust.

You can go through unfamiliar and even scary things (for a baby at least) with trust, because I’m there with you.  You know me.

Sometimes faith in a kind and sovereign God will seem small and stupid and so out of place in the face of Trial, Oppression, Burden, Poverty, Anxiety, Sin, Helplessness, Cynicism, Depression, Brokenness, Death, and Loss.  You’ll want to throw it aside.  Or chuck it off a cliff to its death.

It will be a fight — tooth and nail and all you’ve got — to keep standing in childlike faith, to keep entrusting yourself to the One who is faithful.  Pastor Rod said in a sermon last year, “The Christian life is a constant fight against unbelief.”  It’s a battle we fight with the word of God.  This is what He says.  This is who He is.  This is what I’ll believe.

Just like a child trusts his umma or appa.  Even when things become unfamiliar or scary.  Because we know Him.


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