Day 14: Describe 5 weaknesses and strengths you have.

February 21, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

Ian, many of my traits are double-faceted with strength and weakness.  Or rather, the traits themselves are usually neutral (except #1 and 2 below) but manifest themselves differently whether I’m walking according to the flesh or the Spirit.

But here are 5 strengths and weaknesses:

5. Determination.  I don’t give up easily.  Used for my own purposes, it is just ugly, ugly obstinacy.  But as your grandpa told me many times growing up, I need to use my stubbornness for good, for God’s purposes.  To persevere, to be faithful, to be strong for what is good.  Then it becomes a strength.

4. Quick to identify with people.  This is a strength in terms of empathy, relating and identifying closely with people’s thoughts and emotions.  I can imagine myself in their place and feel deeply for them.  As a weakness, it means that I can be quick to excuse sin or take on sinful indignation on their behalf.  As Ed Welch would put it, people can become big and God can become small (humanly speaking).

3. Quick to action.  If I’m moved or convicted, I want to act.  Right now.  As a weakness, this manifests as impulsive, hasty decisions.  I can become impatient, too.  But sometimes, quickness to action is a strength.

2. Pride. This is all weakness.  I mean the ugly, selfish heart that has no leisure from itself — constantly thinking about self, protecting self, doing all things for self.  C.S. Lewis has a chapter on pride in Mere Christianity.  It kills me.  Ian, I’m daily battling my pride.  You will see the ugliness of my pride as you grow older.  That old Pharisee in me is hard to die.  Self love is hard to die.  I pray you see umma repent of her pride again and again.  I pray you see growing humility, evidence of God’s grace at work in me.

1. Christ. This is all strength.  I’m so grateful for Christ in me.  So, so grateful.  He is my only hope for being the wife and mother I ought to be, pouring grace over my weaknesses and faults and gaping holes and sins.


One Response to “Day 14: Describe 5 weaknesses and strengths you have.”

  1. Love this! Thanks Tia!

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