A baby, school field, & pups.

February 24, 2014


Our usual late afternoon walk.  Today, we went to the grassy field behind the elementary school near our home.  Soft, overgrown grass, clovers, patches of dirt and wiring where the kickball field? baseball field? is supposed to be, children, and pups.  And the warm, late afternoon sun.

I put Ian down.  A little island of boy in a sea of grass.  He’s initially a little icked out by the grass.  I smile at him.  It’s okay.  He brushes his fingers against the grass, his expression softens.  Soon, blades of grass in his chubby hands.  Not for eating, Ian.  He pulls his hands away from his mouth, disappointed.

Plop!  A wet frisbee lands to my right.  I look up, and it’s a … border collie mix?  He pants, looks at me, looks at the frisbee, and his body jerks with impatience.  Throw it! his eyes say.  Ian is intrigued.  I throw it as far as I can.  Off he goes!

His owner calls to him, but he races the frisbee back toward us instead and plops it down again.  I throw it.  Off again!  This repeats several times.

Around the 5th time or so, Ian cracks up whenever the dog races to retrieve the frisbee.  He thinks it’s hilarious.  The dog’s owner laughs, too.  I wish I had a free hand to take video, but I’m too busy throwing the frisbee.

Then swipe!  Another dog, no clue what breed, charges to Ian’s face to give him a wet kiss right on the chompers.  He runs off and then speeds back over again for another swipe!  Then he tries to repeat this, but the third time, I hold his face at bay.  No more kisses on my baby’s mouth!

The sun is sinking lower.  The dogs are still running around, now at the far end of the field.  I wave to the first dog’s owner.

Time to take my wet, grubby pup home for a bath.


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