Day 18: What do you think your spouse loves most about you?

February 26, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

I’m going to make a guess and then ask appa for his answer.

My guess: That I’m of a cheerier temperament.  He told me before that your grandma always told him he needed to marry someone with a brighter personality.  If you look at our home now, the darker furniture, clean modern decor, and black and white photos are mainly your appa‘s influence (he took the black and white photos himself!).  The spots of bright color — yellow flower here, green wreath there, light birch furniture toward the kitchen side — are mainly my influence.  This doesn’t mean he lacks a silly, lithe side (he has enough for the both of us!) or that I’m never emo (this blog is proof); I’m describing us in broad strokes.

(about 20 minutes later)

His answer: Appa just walked in the door, and I asked him, “What is your favorite thing about me?  What do you love about me?” as I was bouncing on the exercise ball (I use it as my chair).  He said, “That you’re bouncy!”  I thought he was giving me a silly answer.  So he explained, “That you’re resilient.”


Conclusion: I was wrong.

And a random observation: My answer was a paragraph.  His was two short sentences.


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