Day 20: Describe 3 significant memories from your childhood.

February 28, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

1. Family friends were over one evening, and sometime after dinner, the kids (maybe just the boys?) started taunting me.  Maybe as a result of a disagreement.  But after trying to hold my own and fight back, I was so distraught that I ran downstairs.  I found my dad and cried to him because they called me stupid and ugly.  I remember how much their words cut me.  Then he held me and consoled me saying it wasn’t true.  And I never felt so deeply thankful to have a daddy.

2. This isn’t one distinct memory, but the many memories of my mom’s faithful presence during my childhood, shuttling us kids back and forth, taking us to lessons, keeping our home, laboring in the kitchen, making sure we didn’t go hungry, doing loads and loads of laundry, washing us, making sure we take our medication … just caring for us in the little, unmemorable ways every day.  When I had a fever, she was there.  When I had the stomach flu, she was there.  When I needed anything, she — was — there.

3. The trauma of losing two loved ones in one night.  In an unspeakable way.  They were closer to us than family.  This was a pivotal point in my childhood.  Everything changed that night.  It marked the end of childhood.  It paved the way for Christ in me.

And God-willing, for other loved ones, it will still pave the way.


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