Day 22: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?

March 2, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

This has an easy answer: I have no idea.

The end.


Dang it.  What to write.

As I was thinking aloud just now, your appa just said, “In 5 years, you’ll be the mother of 3 children.  In 10 years, you’ll be the mother of 4 children.  In 15 years, you’ll be the mother of 6 children.  Just write that.”

God-willing, yes to the first one.  Mother of 3 in 5 years.  That gives me 5 years to have 2 more kids.  That sounds feasible.  Where will we be?  I don’t know!  I feel torn.  Part of me wants to stay in the East Bay, living close-ish to my family and still being a part of our church family here.  Ian, you were one of several kids born in 2013 at our church, and those kiddos have become so dear to me.  I’d love to see you grow up with them.  But maybe we’ll be in SoCal closer to appa‘s side by then?  Or elsewhere?  I don’t know.  And I hope to have written more children’s books or one chapter book for young readers by this time.

10 years from now, overseas with all you kiddos?  How many kiddos?  Let’s say 3 for now.  I can’t think of any more kids than that at this point, haha.  My body hurts just thinking about it.  But mission field, where?  Doing what?  For how long?  I have no clue!  But even if it’s for a season, this age frame for us and you kids seems like a good time!  And by this point, I hope you have a whole brood of cousins from my brother and “little” cousins.  I think my heart would explode to hold their little ones!

15 years.  You will be close to celebrating your sweet 1616th birthday!  (Appa just peered over my shoulder and said boys don’t have a sweet 16 like girls do.  What do you guys have?  Spicy 16?  Tart 16?)  But I’m excited to think ahead to 15 years.  15 more years of walking with God, feeling more comfortable in my own skin (except the sin part of it), and by then, 17 years of marriage!  Bester bestest of friends with appa, a haven for you and your siblings, a woman who fears man less and adores God more deeply.  I imagine a home where friends and strangers come and go freely.  A welcoming nest.  And if needed, a home where your grandparents and our childless family members are cared for as they age.  But where, I don’t know!  Narnia would be nice (sorry, sidetracked — appa just turned on Prince Caspian).  Or Morocco.

Wherever we end up, we want to make His will our home.  And in 15 years, maybe I’ll have a book series written?  That’d be fun to do for you and ___ and ____ (whatever your siblings’ names are!).

That’s all I can wonder about at this point.  For now, I’m happy to take life a bit at a time.  It’s more exciting, more liveable, that way.  Imagine if God told us everything we’d experience before we experienced them?  Shudder.  No … it’s better this way. :]


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