Day 27: What is your favorite part of your body and why?

March 15, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

To be honest, my first reaction to this question was to list all the things I don’t like about my body.  Even 10 months after giving birth to you, I can name a thing or two that I wish was firmer or tighter.  :]  Not to mention new skin sensitivities and what-nots.  You know, vain things that only a vain woman would really care about (like your umma!).  But I’m learning to view my body differently now.  Yes, to value inner and outer beauty in their rightful places — the former as chief and the latter as subject — but to also view my outer person as an instrument of love and service.

So from a real, every day point of view, my answer is … my hands.

With them I lift you, wipe your caboose and nose, wash an ever-growing pile of dishes, clean an ever-growing pile of laundry, cook our meals, open books and flip pages, write and type, demonstrate things for you, stroke your cheek, pat your back, play piano for you sometimes, and fish things out of your mouth (labels, stickers, small pieces of everything).  Life would be much more difficult without my working hands.  I’m sure we’d find a way around it (like those without hands do), but I’m grateful for my two hands.  They aren’t the most beautiful things, but they are so useful in serving those whom I love.  Like you!


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