What Ian ate.

March 16, 2014

Random post from time to time about what Ian ate.  Not that I’m encouraging this kind of diet, but I’m not omnipresent and he gets into things before I can stop him sometimes.

So I’m making a list to show him later:

The past few weeks, Ian has eaten labels, price tags, stickers, and the corners of holiday greeting cards.  And by “eat” I mean chew and either successful or unsuccessful attempts to swallow.

A few days ago, he ate the first half-page of his daddy’s Bible.  Good thing it wasn’t actual Scripture.  He almost succeeded in swallowing it, but I fished it out in time.

Today, I fell asleep on the couch in his room, and he grabbed the little tupperware of coconut oil that I use for him sometimes … and he ate it all.  Licked it clean.  Maybe 2.5 tablespoons of it.  I woke up to a greasy-faced little boy.  No wonder he was so quiet.  And I only slept for a few minutes.  I googled whether this would be an issue, and they said it’s good for him.  Good for his skin, too.  So I fed him his lunch as usual and left the oil on his face.



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