Day 29: What are your hopes and dreams for your kids’ futures?

March 17, 2014

Part of the 30 day challenge series

The original question was, What are your hopes and dreams for your future?  But I think I covered a lot of this in Day 22’s prompt, so I’m going to tweak this question a little and describe some of my hopes and dreams for your future or your future sibling(s)’.

I’m excited to get to know each of you: to discover your unique personalities, temperaments, styles, gifts, weaknesses, and callings.  As of now, I have no desire to impose any specific educational or vocational goals on any of you.  I would love for each of you to use your gifts and skills in whatever honorable field.

No matter what each of you puts your hand to do, I pray it would be for God’s glory and gospel.  And that it wouldn’t be love of mere service that compels each of you but love of God Himself.  You can do this in secular work, too.  It doesn’t have to be limited to what is normally categorized as God’s work.  But I do hope at least one of you would be a long-term missionary, Bible translator, or pastor with a heart for the nations.  ;]

I hope none of you are too rich or too poor, in the spirit of Proverbs 30:8-9, “Remove far from me falsehood and lying; give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the food that is needful for me,lest I be full and deny you and say, “Who is the Lord?” or lest I be poor and steal and profane the name of my God.”

I hope you and your sibling(s) are best friends.  That you are generous with one another.  That you are always for each other.

I pray there is no stored bitterness against either appa or me for our sins or mistakes that have come at your cost.  Ian, first-born sons sometimes have the roughest relationships with their parents, particularly their dads.  I hope you love Jesus, embrace His gospel, and understand that we aren’t perfect.  I hope you and your sibling(s) understand that we are under grace, too.  I pray for humble unity in our family and for love that covers a multitude of sins.

Of course kids-in-law and grandkids would be fun much later down the road.  Oh, for the legacy of faith that started two generations above mine to reach that far.  By God’s grace.  For of course it isn’t legacy that saves people.

I hope each of you has great sense of humor, able to laugh at yourselves and laughing at the right things.  Why?  Because laughing at yourself requires humility, and laughing at the right things requires discernment and the right taste.  I hope you never laugh at sin.  I hope you never laugh at injustice.  I hope you never laugh at the belittlement of God or others.

It’s tempting to want to raise Pharisees though, I’ll admit.  Especially when I feel like so many are watching you and measuring me by how I raise you.  I don’t want you or any of my kids to become “something for us to prove” as your parents.  At least for a season I’ve given up “career” to raise you and devote to our family.  I don’t want you to become my “career” or for your worldly success to become my new compensation.  We have nothing to prove.  We are stewards.  You belong to God.  Salvation is His to give.  I think I’ll need to honestly remind myself of this over and over again.  I don’t just want a well behaved kid.  I want a kid to whom Jesus is sweet — no, sweetest.

I can probably think of more, but appa just got home.  Dinner time!


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